About Me

Growing up, road trips were a yearly occurrence in my household. While I did not care much about lighting or framing during those trips, I always had to have a camera in my hands.  As I got into high school I began working on honing my craft and in 2008 I began taking photographs professionally.  After taking a few years off, I have decided to pick up the camera once more and venture out.  I am drawn to natural lighting and vibrant colors.  I hope you enjoy your time spent on my page and I look forward to working with you in the future. 


I consider myself a natural light photographer.  I do studio shots, but my passions lie in the great outdoors or drawing upon natural light for in home sessions.  I only do minor image enhancements.  I believe that the photograph and location should speak for itself.  


I am located in Norman, Oklahoma and am willing to travel throughout the surrounding states.  Traveling is a passion of mine, so I will consistently be updating you here and via my Instagram on my travel dates.

Upcoming Travel Dates

Houston: May 2018

South Carolina: Summer 2018

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